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Dermestid beetle method for museum quality European and other skull mounts.
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Skull Cleaning

Why the Beetle Method?

Skull cleaning with dermestid beetles is far superior to boiling. Beetles thoroughly clean without damaging delicate nasal bone structure, or causing bone separation as boiling can. By not boiling, minimum shrinkage occurs, which is a major factor for scoring trophy-class heads for B&C, P&Y, or SCI records.


Degreasing and Whitening

After the beetles have finished their work, usually 36 hours for a deer-sized skull, the skull is then degreased. This is necessary for a long lasting quality skull. After degreasing the skull undergoes a whitening process. This process is superior to bleaching, which causes flaking. The end result is a clean, white, greaseless trophy skull. We will get your skull as white as possible, however, the degree of whiteness does vary depending on several factors, including: condition of the specimen, naturally occurring oils in the bone, and age and species of the animal.


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Skull Cleaning Price List 2018

Size Skinned Unskinned (Additional Charge)
Small Skulls $40 $5
Coyote, bobcat, fox, etc. $60 $5
Mountain Lion $95 $10
Black bear, wolf, or similar size $120 $10
Deer *, javelina, or similar size $125 $10
Antelope * $130 $10
Small Elk *, grizzly, boar, or similar size $155 $15
Large Elk (over 3 years old) *, caribou *, sheep (wild) *, or similar size $170 $20
Moose ** $185 $20
Bison **, cattle ** $190 $20
Bison, cattle (mature bull) $215 $25
Plaques in a variety of styles available at additional cost
Dipped Skulls in a variety of styles available at $85 (deer-sized skulls)
Call for prices on species not listed

* $20 additional charge for lower jaw

** $30 additional charge for lower jaw

All prices include degreasing and whitening (no plaques). For beetle cleaning only: 50% of listed price

Spoiled and/or maggots: add 40%

Mummified: add 20%

Clear coat for deer size and smaller skulls: $10, Elk size and larger: $20

Commercial taxidermist: Call for discount


Skulls that are spoiled, exposed to maggots, or mummified can be processed, but additional charges apply. Contact us for details.

50% deposit required when we receive your skull.

Important Note: The fresher the condition of your head the better your finished skull will be. Skin your head as soon as possible and get it frozen. If it is going to be delivered to us within 3 days, freezing is not necessary but store it at a temperature below 45 degrees. If it is not possible to freeze it, the next best option is to remove all tissue from skull including brain, eyes, muscle, and fat and put skull in a place away from insects to dry. The skull should be trimmed clean enough that it will be dry in 2 or 3 days. We can then rehydrate it before going into the beetle box. Heads that are allowed to spoil and/or get maggots usually end up having permanent stains that can’t be removed. It also creates much extra work. Additional steps and processes are required to finish the skull. That means additional cost to you and a less than perfect finished product.

Upon completion we will bill you for the balance of your charges, which will include return shipping charges. Upon receipt of your payment, we will return your skull/s.

We accept money orders, credit card, PayPal, certified check, or personal checks, however, if payment is made with personal check, your job will not be returned until your check clears the bank.

Preparing Skulls for Shipping

Send complete head frozen solid. Wrap frozen head in two sturdy garbage bags. Place in box packed tightly in newspapers one to two inches thick, or some other protective material that will help insulate it. Inexpensive styrofoam coolers are a good way to ship your head, and we will return it with your finished skull.  To insure the head doesn’t spoil, we recommend 3-day delivery. Always send it on Monday or Tuesday, so it doesn’t get hung up in shipping over the weekend. Send UPS, Fed Ex or USPS. We recommend you insure the contents and use a tracking number.


Shipping Requirements

Include in your package your name, complete address, work & home phone number, and e-mail. If you send the entire head for us to prepare, we need to know if you do or do not want the bottom jaw processed. We have provided a processing form on this website, if you will print and use it, you will be sure to include all info we need. You may ship UPS, Fed Ex, or USPS.


Shipping Address:
Skinner’s Skull Shop
356 Co. Rd. 121
Bedford, WY 83112


Return Shipping

Skulls will be processed in the order they are received. It will take approximately 90 days, depending on workload. Every effort will be made to insure safe return of your skull’s. Return shipping charges will be determined upon completion of your order. Heads with large antlers or horns may require extra shipping due to oversize packaging. We will insure each shipment for the cost of skull cleaning. The customer is responsible for all shipping costs to and from our shop.


Damages and Liability

Skinner’s Skull Shop will not be responsible for any damages incurred from shipping, field care, or accidental circumstances while in our possession. Including: Fire, flood, earthquake, or any other natural disaster.




Taxidermy Price List 2018

Shoulder Mounts

Animal Price
Antelope $600
Black Bear (closed mouth) $500
Black Bear (open mouth) $600
Bison (cow) $1700
Bison (bull) $2000
Caribou $850
Deer $650
Elk $1000
Elk (bugling) $1200
Shiras Moose $1200
Mountain Goat $700
Bighorn Sheep $700
Javelina (open mouth) $600
Habitat in a variety of styles available at additional cost


Animal Price
Bears $160 (per foot)
Mountain Lion $900
Bobcat $600
Coyote $650
Wolf $1000
Badger $500
Raccoon $500
Fox $600

Cape Preparation

(Turning, Fleshing, Salting)
Animal Price
Antelope $125
Deer $150
Elk $200
Moose $300


For Best Results

Many factors will determine the condition of your final mount. Weather, temperature, primeness of hair, defects in the skin, and care given in the field, from time of kill until we receive it, affect the quality of your tanned cape/skin. Due to the fact that we have no control over the care and conditions of your animal before we receive it, we cannot assume any responsibility for problems during the tanning process.

For the highest quality mount we suggest the following:

  • Skin animal as soon as possible
  • Cut cape well behind the front legs and shoulders (we can always trim excess away, but can never add on if short)
  • Never cut animal’s throat
  • Don’t drag cape/skin
  • Keep cape/skin cool and dry
  • Do not put in a plastic bag unless freezing, always use fabric game bag or grain sack that can breathe
  • Keep cape/skin out of direct sunlight
  • Do not wrap unskinned head with cape or skin until it has completely cooled.
  • If using pack animals, do not pack cape/skin next to pack animal’s body (live animals generate heat which can cause spoilage)
  • If freezing, fold flesh to flesh then roll or fold tightly. Double bag and get to taxidermist ASAP. Cape/skin can freezer burn in just a few months.


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